See what your gift provides to programs funded by the

United Way of Greater Williamsburg!


$1 per week ($52 a year)
• provides one week of staple food replacement for a family of four displaced from their home.
• provides a stalking documentation kit for a domestic or sexual abuse victim.

$2 per week ($104 a year)
• provides the resources to permit three students to register for the GED test.
• provides emergency lifeline service for one patient.

$3 per week ($156 a year)
• provides a low income working mother of two with emergency childcare for approximately two weeks.
• provides transportation for a group of 20 self-advocates involved in a community service project.

$4 per week ($208 a year)
• provides 4 nights of emergency shelter for a mother and child to keep them out of an abusive home.
• provides training for 10 providers in infant/child CPR.

$5 per week ($260 a year)
• pays for 4 youth to participate in Scouting.
• provides a low income family with 60 days of electricity.

$6 per week ($312 a year)
• provides a specialized chair for a child with a physical disability so she/he can sit with stability, be fed, and be able to be upright to play and to learn.

$7 per week ($364 a year)
• pays for 52 home- delivered meals.
• provides 5 weeks of support group counseling for a sexual assault victim.

$8 week ($416 a year)
• provides new software to increase English speaking and comprehension skills for community residents.
• covers the expense of performing all necessary background checks for adult mentors.

$9 per week ($468 a year)
• pays for plumbing repairs for a low income homeowner.
• provides 3 months of foster care to a family waiting for an adoption to be approved.

$10 per week ($520 a year)
• provides stalking documentation kits for 10 domestic or sexual abuse victims.
• pays for one girl to spend a week at day camp with transportation included.
• provides developmentally and culturally appropriate toys and books in learning centers for 70 children.

$20 per week ($1,040 a year)
• provides one full year of positive role modeling and opportunities for building leadership for a troop of 10 girls “at risk”.
• replaces an entire roof.