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United Way of Greater Williamsburg’s Home for Good Program

After a successful, two-year pilot, the United Way of Greater Williamsburg (UWGW) operates a housing initiative called Home for Good. This permanent housing program provides needed tools and resources to homeless families in the Greater Williamsburg community, which allows them to move from precarious housing situations, such as hotels and motels to stable residences. This permanent housing program is the first of its kind in Greater Williamsburg. With the implementation of Home for Good, UWGW provides a long-term solution for individuals in need.

Home for Good provides rental qualification, rent subsidies, and case management to families with a goal of helping them establish independent, stable, and healthier lives. To do this work, UWGW partners with James City County Housing and Social Services, Salvation Army, City of Williamsburg Human Services, Housing Partnerships, Williamsburg Estate Services, King of Glory volunteers, and AAAA Storage. Williamsburg Health Foundation has provided major funding for this program. Community members who want to get involved can provide support to Home for Good in a variety of ways. Donors may give directly to the Home for Good program through the United Way web site; volunteers can contribute their time helping with moving and furnishing housing units; and advocates can encourage their friends, neighbors, local landlords, and local government to support permanent housing efforts in the Greater Williamsburg community. Interested in learning more about Home for Good? Contact the UWGW administrative offices at 757-253-2264.