Jonathan was incarcerated for three years at Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail (VPRJ) for charges brought on by alcohol abuse. Jonathan admittedly has struggled with alcohol dependency for years. While incarcerated, Jonathan became committed to his sobriety and mentored others who also suffered from alcohol and drug addictions.

JonIMG_7524athan was released from VPRJ and entered in the United Way Guest House Re-entry program in May 2014 providing him with a home to live in staffed with a house manager. As part of his commitment to the Guest House program, Jonathan began volunteering several days a week with the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  He performed well at his duties and after several weeks, Habitat for Humanity Re-Store offered him full-time employment and almost a year later he was promoted to a management position.

Jonathan is devoted to his recovery and is building healthy relationships with his two children, family, and friends. Jonathan has paid all his fines and court costs and is now working to save money for a healthier and happier future. He regularly attends sobriety meetings, volunteers his time for United Way projects and events, and regularly speaks to incarcerated persons in the local jail about overcoming addiction and building a better life.

Update:  Jonathan graduated from the Guest House Re-entry program and went into the United Way Home for Good program for a permanent housing solution. He had received another promotion at Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  In August 2016, Jonathan graduated from the Home for Good program and is living well in his own apartment.  When asked what the most important part of the Home for Goof program was, he said the budgeting made all the difference and even made him a better dad.  We look forward to seeing the great things Jonathan does in the future.