Our Mission and Guiding Principles

The mission of the United Way of Greater Williamsburg is to

“Improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of people and community.” 

The following guiding principles shall provide the foundation for all actions and decisions: 

1. To seek ways to increase the well-being of the community through an organized and voluntary review of needs, and by seeking the funds from those who can give, to distribute fairly and responsibly among those who can provide services to meet those unique needs.

2. To develop as fully as possible the financial resources, both public and private, needed to meet the human service needs of the community and reduce the number of appeals for financial support for services.

3. To deploy United Way financial support so as to maximize the resources available for services aimed at the most urgent current needs of the community, including those supplied by organizations not now receiving United Way financing.

4. To muster community support and commitment for the entire United Way enterprise through a systematic communications program which both speaks and listens to the community.

5. To manage United Way operations effectively, and to offer assistance to agencies wishing to improve their management skills.

6. To receive by gift, grant, devise, bequest or otherwise, and from any private or public sources, personal or real property, and to hold, administer, sell, invest, reinvest, manage, use, disburse and distribute, and apply the income and/or principal of the same in accordance with the directions and intent of the donor or donors of such property, or, in the absence of such directions, as the Corporation may deem best from time to time, for the promotion of any or all of the foregoing purposes.

7. To do any and all things, either alone or in cooperation with other organizations or institutions, and either directly or by contribution to such other organizations or institutions, which it may deem necessary or proper in order to carry into effect any or all of the foregoing purposes.