Congratulations Rebecca!

Rebecca M. applied for the Home for Good Program in December 2015. At the time, she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, was living in poor housing conditions, and struggling to live on her small disability check. Her significant health issues and extensive hospital stays had led to loss of employment and severe credit problems. With the help of United Way of Greater Williamsburg, Rebecca moved into her own apartment in April 2017.

Rebecca worked closely with her Home for Good Case Manager to set and achieve personal goals pertaining to her health, finances, and employment. In the year, Rebecca improved her overall health by exercising regularly and losing weight, found a fulfilling part-time job, and improved her credit score enough that she was able to move into a larger apartment with the lease in her own name! Any one of these accomplishments is a huge feat in itself. Because of Rebecca’s ‘can do’ attitude and perseverance she exceeded all of her goals towards self-sufficiency and independent living in less than a year. We are so proud to see her graduate from the Home for Good program!