Our Executive Director, Larry Foster, was honored to present Donnie’s son, Shaunell, with his father’s Home for Good Graduation Certificate; awarded posthumously, on April 10, 2017.

Donnie was a disabled veteran that lost his battle with terminal cancer January 15, 2017. Following the death of his wife, Donnie was chronically homeless for more than 10 years. Before being accepted into the Home for Good program, Donnie was living in a motel where he was uncertain where his next meal would coming from and was overwhelmed with medical bills.

In August 2016, Donnie was accepted in the Home for Good Program and moved into his own apartment. His case managers connected him to needed services for meals, veteran’s services, and transportation to his medical appointments, hospice services, and financial assistance with his medical bills. Before he passed, he was able to get all of his affairs in order, spend quality time with family, and live with dignity.

When accepting the award, Shaunell stated how it was hard for him to see his dad sick and living in a motel. He was very appreciative to have a clean, dignified, and comfortable environment he and his family could visit the last 6 months of Donnie’s life.

When you support United Way of Greater Williamsburg, you support the Home for Good program and help people like Donnie.